AGM Interior 3


vertical high speed

Vertical High Speed Polisher

AGM is capable of polishing the edges in seemed or mitered leaving a smooth surface.


Water Jet Cutting

AGM is capable with their PTC High Pressure Water Jet to cut shapes and holes into your glass products for hardware and accessory applications.


CAD Details

Units requiring special fabrication are engineered and fab drawings are done to ensure the highest of quality and precision. We can also look after your hardware needs through details from the supplier which saves you time and money.



Latest in technology and equipment is adjusted to processes needed, This makes certain that your specification and requirements are met.


Quality Control

All incoming materials are tested to check for our quality high quality standards before being used in the manufacturing process.


Order Entry

Orders are entered and placed in a sequence to reduce waste and are tracked to be sure that they arrive correctly and on time.



AGM transports completed glass work in our own trucks. Theses trucks and trailers are designed to accommodate glass units to be loaded and unloaded with care. Units are transferred to your site with precision making sure that all quality control standards are in place until you get your glass installed.